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Spring Watch

Wildlife is a big part of a holiday at Lower Wood Farm

The complex is surrounded by havens of different wildlife offering so much to see and experience all year round.

Deer, fox and hares run across the adjoining fields, wild birds swoop and dive and we do all we can to encourage nature to thrive around the complex.

Lower Wood Farm has its very own Spring Watch – an owl box, home to a pair of barn owls who raise their young each year, much loved by the children.

In 2011, the ‘couple’s’ quads caused quite a stir.

Guests spend early evenings in June and July watching the parents hunt mice and voles to feed their young.

Spring sees the wild geese that spend the winter here depart. As the geese leave, the swallows return and nest at Lower Wood Farm for the summer.

Wild birds nest and feed their young, from robin, blackbird, thrush, green spotted woodpecker and wagtails to the cuckoo singing through May.

More than 40 ducklings are raised at our pond each year, also home to moorhens and rescue geese. There is always plenty to watch from a seat in the quiet area.

A couple of miles down the road, the coast is alive with nesting sea birds. Little terns nest in the dunes at Winterton and changing habitats bring different species as you travel around the coast.

We also have plenty of information about crops grown by local farmers to help you and the children tell the difference between wheat and barley, cabbages and sugar beet!

Please enjoy our Spring Watch picture gallery.

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