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Barn Owls at Lower Wood Farm

Nesting Box No. 1256.

We wish to thank the Wild Life Conservation Partnership for their yearly visit to inspect our nesting box recording the weight, condition, sex of each young barn owl before ringing.

At Lower Wood Farm our successful owl box has been in place since we began work on the barn in 2003.
With the conversion of the main barn which had been home for a nesting pair of barn owls for many years, we contacted the barn owl trust who were more than helpful with providing us with a Barn Owl nesting box. This was placed in the large popular tree at the bottom of our horse’s field on the edge of the marshes, an idea hunting habitat. The box was occupied very quickly with a pair of barn owls and our first batch of young were hatched and fledged.

Here is our yearly record.
2004 clutch of 7 eggs (Adults Ringed GN95682 – GN95683) young fledged.
2005 2 young fledged and tagged
2006 2 young fledged
2007 2 young fledged
2008 2 young fledged and tagged
2009 3 young fledged and tagged
2010 young had fledged before inspection
2011 4 young fledged and tagged
2012 5 young fledged and tagged

Ringing recoveries
GC03690 (2005) was found on 29/11/06 freshly dead in farm buildings Runham.
GN95682 (2004) moved to a nest site near Ormesby st Margret and had 2 young in 2007 that did not survive.
But had three young in 2008 that successfully fledged.
GC03689 (2005) was found alive roosting at a site near Ormesby St Michael on 18th April 2009.

Guests staying at Lower Wood Farm during June/July will be able to watch the parents hunting and returning
time after time to the nesting box to feed the young birds. Our collection of pictures show the barn owls with their catch returning to the nesting box.

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